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iStock_000012961224SmallOften, good business ideas are born from the need of those who conceive them. Carlton Property Improvements is a local business, flourishing from those beginnings. Dave, the founder, struggled to find a company who could manage a whole home improvement project for him. He could find a kitchen fitter but he couldn’t do the electrics or the gas. Also what about getting the floor levelled? The walls tiled? Decorating when the works are finished? It became a real headache. He’d also heard on many occasions how friends and colleagues struggled to find reliable trades people and when they did, they found their customer service somewhat lacking. After 30 years’ experience working at a senior level in some of the country’s top Blue Chip organisations, he realised there was an opportunity to bring his experience from those businesses and provide a service that would fill that gap.

Carlton offer a one stop shop, fully managed home improvements that relieve that headache of getting work done on your home through coordination of all trades people and activities. The concept is a simple one. All the individuals that work for Carlton are vetted by Dave who then manages the end to end project from the initial time spent understanding the requirements of the client and agreeing budgets and timescales, to then on a daily basis ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible to deliver a great end result with minimum disruption for the home owner. The genuine customer reviews on this website show how well Carlton is doing when it comes to delighting their clients.

We are often asked if this premium service comes at a premium price. But that is not the case, that is the real win here. With the volumes we work with and the deals we have negotiated with our suppliers, we can keep the price really competitive. We welcome our clients getting alternative quotations and often the sum of the individual elements is similar or more than our package price. What is not similar however is the customer experience. It is all about exceeding the clients’ expectations and taking the stress away for them. We know if we give our customers a service above and beyond what they are expecting they will not only use us in the future but recommend us to their family and friends. We sleep well at night, knowing we are filling the gap in the market we identified and creating a great customer experience.

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